Two Great Solutions Working Together: Litify & Proof

Proof’s web-based platform is designed to streamline the creation, management and completion of service of process nationwide. Proof provides firms with live, map verified updates of each attempt and platform tools that enable direct communication with the server, simplify invoice and bill payment as well as customized reporting options. Proof also connects to tools you’re already using to manage your practice, like Litify. With the power of Proof you know the exact status of your serve from start to finish and receive live, verified updates every step of the way.  Integrate Proof with Litify to keep track of all your client communication and allow for transparency across all parties working on a case.


Integration Overview  

  • Learn how to empower your clients with case information while you can focus on high-priority tasks and communication. 

  • Proof offers a web-based platform that provides real-time updates on serves, instant communication through Live Chat and eliminates waiting around for updates.

  • Enable your firm to handle more cases through sending and receiving documents, assigning tasks, mass messaging, appointment reminders, and more.
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Get in touch with us to serve documents directly out of Litify with Proof.